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JAS is a Content Management Framework that allows for easy, consistent and secure implementation of web applications. From simple websites to complex business application, JAS gives you the tooling to implement and maintain your project.


Unlike many other content management tools, JAS has a consistent data approach that gives you full control over your data models, yet at the same time handling most of the complexity behind the scenes. You no longer have to worry about writing complex SQL queries, validate your input or creating forms for every single piece of data.


Due to the consistent data approach JAS is able to apply the same consistent approach on security. As such all information can be consistently validate and thus any type of attack can be easily mitigated. Additionally JAS provides an user management system that's fully integrated with the data so authentication and authorization can be properly managed.


Of course JAS provides plugin support for easy extension of the functionality. The plugin API provides a simple way of implementing new plugins and combined with the data and templating engine new functionality is implemented fast. Also the JAS Management Tool integrates with the online plugin repository which allows you to directly donwload and install plugins created by others.


No system is complete without one or more APIs to integrate with other systems. JAS comes with 3 standard read/write APIs (XML, CSV and Data) which give access to all data in a consistent manner. And because of the consistent data approach all data is available and of course provide the same level of security as any other interface.

More information

For more in-depth information please refer to the introduction or check out the full documentation.

JAS is released under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 3.0, please refer to the about page for more information.


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