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JAS is a Content Management Framework (CMF) that allows for easy, consistent and secure implementation of webbased tools. From simple websites to complex business application, JAS gives you the tooling to implement and maintain your project.


The installation process of JAS is quite straightforward. Make sure you have PHP, a webserver and a database are installed. Once done all you need to do is decompress the JAS download into the webserver's document root and go to the relevant page in your browser.


So when you're ready to do something your first stop should be the Projects projects section in the backend. A project is basically a container that holds your website, from plugins to style sheets and everything in between.


The JAS backend is the power-tool that allows you to control pretty much every aspect of JAS and your data. It's a good place to start if you're new to JAS.


Modules are the center piece of JAS and are probably best viewed as advanced database tables. Each module contains a number of fields with a variety of options. Additionally modules can contain "module specific functions" (MSF) which can trigger action specific business logic.


Of course JAS provides plugin support for easy extension of the functionality. The plugin API provides a simple way of implementing new plugins and combined with the data and templating engine new functionality is implemented fast. Also the JAS backend integrates with the online plugin repository which allows you to directly donwload and install plugins created by others.


The JAS core resides in the "include" directory. It contains a variety of functionality that's used in the core of the system but is also available for projects.


Here you'll find an overview of all core PHP code available in JAS as well as the JavaScript code. Most of the core code resides in the include directory. It's typically 1 class per file and it contains a number of subdirectories (e.g. format, api, storage) that contain a collection of classes with a common parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find all frequently asked questions (FAQ). If something isn't working as expected, you may find an answer (or at least some pointers) here.