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Here you'll find an overview of all plugins uploaded to the official online repository. You can download and install plugins manually from here or use the JAS backend to install it directly.

PowerDNS Manager 0.1.5β

A frontend for easy management of your domains in the PowerDNS Authoritative server (uses the MySQL backend)

By Verty / JuNe
GNU General Public License (GPL)
Released on Saturday 17th of November 2018


JAS 1.2 *



records: made name less restrictive (wildcards and subdomains allowed)

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Plugin versions

The plugins typically have a version number with a letter behind it which indicates the state of the plugin. The letters should be interpreted as follows:
  • α - Alpha:
    Pre-release, probably untested and unstable (don't use in production)
  • β - Beta:
    Initial release, may have been tested and should be reasonably stable (not recommended for production usage)
  • γ- Stable:
    Full release, should be fully tested and stable (production ready)