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JAS is a Content Management Framework (CMF) that allows for easy, consistent and secure implementation of webbased tools. From simple websites to complex business application, JAS gives you the tooling to implement and maintain your project.

Just Another System...

Well that's one way of translating JAS, another would be JuNe Administration System. Although you could think of a more suitable name this is actually how it started. Back in the day I was fed up with building the same GUIs, error checking and queries over and over again and figured it was time to build something that would handle that. This in turn allowed me to focus on the business logic in the web applications and more importantly the look and feel.

So what is JAS?

JAS is a CMF which is focused around the concept handling Data as shown in the image below. Although this image has been updated slightly the core concept as originally implemented still stands. As a matter of fact it's proven to be a reliable concept since it's still here even after 10+ years. 
JAS overview
Data is the key to everything, it's the central point where every bit of data is read, checked and written. It allows for numerous data types, conversions and validations. Data is defined by "Modules" which should be considered as advanced database table which allow for additional data validations and manipulations.

The CMS is the way to easily manipulate Data. It visualizes the Data in such a way that regardless of the type of data you need to change it will work in the same generic way. It has a lot of neat features like one-click relation manipulation, WYSIWYG, quick dropdowns, inline search, proper error reporting, etc.

The "Storage" section currently supports MariaDB (MySQL), XML and API. That latter effectively being a "remote" JAS storage. The Storage bit can be extended by use of plugins, which basically makes your data storage possibilities limitless. Think for instance of a storage extension that does IMAP, POP and SMTP, have fun building your own email plugin.

A number of API's are offered to interface easily with other systems. Whether it's downloading images and files or importing and exporting large chunks of data in CSV, raw data or XML, this where your automation starts.

Lastly the JAS backend provides you with a powerful tool to manage JAS. Whether you have 1 or 10 projects, a vast amount of plugins and/or modules or just want to store some data for for later retrieval, the backend is the tool to do it.

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