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Achievements 0.1.0β

The achievements plugins allows you to define achievements which are then automatically managed until the user achieved the required prerequisites.

By Verty / JuNe
GNU General Public License (GPL)
Released on Tuesday 11th of April 2017





script: fixed filtering, added close notifications support


added javascript checker, achievements rendered as link, backend: fixed benchmark issue, achievement description issue fixed


script: data gathered as root, added average/min/max/sun/count values support, frontend: changed latest to achieved


frontend: added latest achievements support
script: added field+interval support, backend: only saves script+disabled, frontend: reworked layout


moved achievements progress logic to achievements module
added badge support
achievements: added progress css class+description, backend: added benchmark info


previously achieved distinction, disabled indicator, backend: added disabled support, script: added value support


added frontend support, added achievements disabled support, statics progress rights
added progress module, added achievement/progress script support, fixed negative numbers check, proper setup

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